Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Apple's New Video iPod

One more thing... turns out to be pretty cool.

New iMac, new iTunes and of course the new video iPod. In Steve Job's own words, "Pretty amazing." and it's hard to disagree with that.

But, if you look beyond the novelty of it and just simply think of things in a logical progression of a product you've gotta be thinking to yourself, "That was really pretty predictable." Right? Apple pretty much had to do this to go where the real money is (if you're not thinking Tivo this very second, shame on you).

The iPod platform is poised to become the next Tivo.

It connects to TV just fine.
It connects to computers (which are broadband capable) just fine.
It's got friggin GREAT! compression and playback.
Podcasts are simply delayed playback of recorded stuff (so are vodcasts).
And, now Apple's got a deal rolling with ABC Disney (with no commercials in their videos)

Gang, believe me it is KILLING me to say this. But, I love my third gen iPod and will wait until the next gen device comes out. Why wouldn't I? This little new critter isn't fully formed yet. When is any Apple product really fully formed...? At the rate they're squirting these things out - probably never. And, that's the odd beauty of Apple. By the time I'm convinced I can't live without it I'd just about bet it's turned into the iTablet.

Apple rounded a really interesting corner today and I'm super jazzed about their future as the next Sony. Way to go guys! Amazing is a good start for Infinite Loop. Now, go out and one up yourselves.


Blogger Andy Bannister said...

It's a great looking machine, but I'll hang onto my 20gb 3G for now ... I'd ideally like a Nano with 20gb or greater --- the size and build of the Nano is amazing and I need minuteness more than video.

3:29 PM  

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