Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Spotlight Module & Apache. Sweet Redemption.

Damn! Seriously, I mean DAMMIT GANG! This is a GREAT day!

Before I deleted my previous batch of posts leading up to the Tiger launch I was bitching mightily at Apple about their lame (yes, I still feel this way) lack of documenting the apple_spotlight_module for the Apache server built into X Server.

That all turned upside down this evening for me (no thanks to Apple's technical writers).

All I wanted was a way to hook into the awesome funk of Spotlight piped through to a web interface. Sure, I could have gone with some hacked up PERL mess or WebStar or God-only-knows-what-else. But it wouldn't have been Spotlight. So, today... (grinning like a little boy who peaked into his Christmas presents a little early) I got my wish!

This site posts the only working solution I've found and I've looked about as hard and long as anyone on this pretty blue marble we live on. Kris, my hat's off to you man! I get a ton of click-throughs from Google and Technorati on "spotlight apache" searches and I hope this makes a lot of joy happen out there.

To see it working (I never said it was pretty... remember that) go here and search on the word "discovery". The tips at AFP548 are helpful too if you're planning on deploying this beyond something of a personal nature such as searching for files while you're away from the office.


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