Monday, November 21, 2005

Tivo2Go... Should Just Go Away

That didn't take long and again was predictable as rain in London. Tivo's supposedly going to announce their 2Go service has MPEG4 conversion capabilities. Big whoopdidoo.

Tivo HAD to preempt Apple's move into the video space. Funny thing is Apple's simply going to completely obliterate the first mover advantage when they make their move (whenever that is).

Face it, Apple's dominance in the home entertainment sphere is growing leaps and bounds. Front Row is the latest volley of entertainment oriented ammo to come out of Cupetino. Have you tried this stuff!? Yegads it's awesome. My wife, who is pretty much a sideline afficianado of all things tech appreciates ease of use. Apple's done a superb job of minimizing, dumming down but maintaining the elegance.

If Michelle gets it and likes it... I'm sure the next several million people will too. No wonder no one's buying Tivo (the company). Everyone's wondering what killer move Apple's going to make.


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