Thursday, December 01, 2005

Conversational Farsi Anyone?

So, here I am in Boston improving my chops a LOT on OSX Server.

Arek Dreyer is the instructor Apple brought into 111 Huntington and he is absolutely stellar! Reminds me of the old Apple SE Summer Camp days when Apple brought out all the young turks to make us smart. MAN! That feels like yesterday.

Anyway, in Boston... @ the 111. Nice place. Connected to this mall. So, I go down to have breakfast on Tuesday and among lots of other things (like John Battelle's "The Search") I find this great little sidewalk vendor pumping out some slick video by way of one of the newer G5 iMacs. That was enough to draw me in. On closer inspection this is a language development company called Rossetta Stone.

I speak French (somewhat) and can read it well enough to know if I'm being directed to the kitchen, a submarine, the bathroom or to eat a cat. I like languages and have had some interest in middle eastern languages and Chinese for a long time (oil country languages if that wasn't obvious). French was a high school diversion that happened to be flush with all the pretty girls (different story)...

So, I try this software out over lunch and I'll be dog goned if it didn't just blow my socks off! I bought both Farsi (module 1) and Arabic (modules 1 and 2) and highly recommend anyone who's serious to check this stuff out.


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