Sunday, January 29, 2006

Robert Scoble Asked For Ideas...

Business Ideas ARE tough according to Mr. Robert Scoble. I agree.

He's also asking for people to blog their ideas... Wonder how many people are really willing to lob their ideas into the public square for scrutiny, pilfering, etc. Know what? Who cares! A good idea is a good idea. REALLY good ideas (search engines) have plenty of room for competition. In fact, REALLY, REALLY good ideas (search engines) don't even have to favor first mover advantage, if such a thing exists... Look at Google. WAY late to the dance. But, with a markedly better algorithm and approach.

So, in response to the spirit Mr. Scoble was soliciting here are two ideas I have in the incubator:

Bargain Pantry

I wonder all the time if I'm spending too much on groceries. Quicken tells me I spent 20% (TWENTY PERCENT!!!) of my take home on groceries last year. Three kids, two adults, plenty of visitors and family for gatherings of all kinds... So, if I can put some of that cash back into play somewhere else... maybe I'd like to have a shot at that.

Problem is... TIME. I don't have (meaning I don't MAKE) time to clip coupons or write down the prices I paid, for what, when. There are all kinds of seasonal items like mustard, that are best to buy at certain times of the year. Blah, blah, blah. I don't shop that way. I make a list, go shopping, spend the cash and come home and put everythig away. Then scratch my head and wonder if I should have shopped somewhere else.

Bargain Pantry would let a family build their shopping list(s) and then quickly determine what the checkout price at each of the local stores is. To go a bit further it would also suggest additional savings if the family was willing to shop multiple places. Face it, ONE place normally won't have the BEST prices on all the items on the list and it might be worth the additional drive and time to go someplace else for some things.

I'd be VERY interested to know what folks think of this idea (the coworkers I've floated it to LOVE it). Anyone out there already doing it?


If you've ever run for public office you know it's no walk in the park. Getting your message out, motivating your base, keeping everyone on the same page and basically taking charge of the tempo of the race... is tough. Have you ever wondered just where your candidates stand? What the incumbent's record is? It's HARD to objectively inform yourself, particularly about candidates who have no history at all.

Now imagine if you're that politician in this day and age just how best to get information out quickly and on your terms. Radio's tough (but necessary) and so is television. Print is too slow (but for reach is still necessary). Politics regardless of national, state or local variety is ALL LOCAL! It's ALL expensive and mostly falls on deaf ears.

I'd really like to see politicians make use of web 2.0 type applications to connect with the people whose votes they're seeking. I believe in the power of transparency. Which doesn't mean politicians do or will. But, hey, wouldn't it be great if a few of the more progressive thinking candidates out there had a powerful platform at their disposal and shook things up?

THAT would be a powerful and beautiful thing!


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And a bad idea is obvious from the get go... :)

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